About Us

Who Are We

We are Creative ,Enlightened and positive thinking person .


Our Mission

 To educate the underprivileged children in good education.

Build self-reliance through work-oriented training

What We Do

To play a role in improving the quality of life of people who are left behind in society

Our history

On 16th March, 2016 Sohel Rana was sitting sadly in the late afternoon under a small tree at one corner of Shaymoli park. A street child comes to him and ask for “Jhalmuri”. Sohel Rana offers a condition if the child can write his name he (s) will treat the child later. The child agreed happily and tried to write his name.Though the child could not write his name. Sohel Rana inspired the little boy to make him happy. At the end of the day Sohel Rana bought the child “jhalmuri “. The next day the kid comes to learn to write his name and brings along two more companions, named Nodi and Smriti.Sohel Rana was very happy to teach them how to write their names and was happy that the children continued to come to him and the number of the children was increasing day by day.At the end of the month there were 16 children who were the unprivileged children of our society. Sohel Rana with some University going students agreed to form an organization and Today’s  this organization is formed in the name of
On 13th June 2017 the education and nutrition activities of “CHAYATAL VIDYAPITH” (Campus-2) was started for the children of the stone-working  laborers at Porbot,Gabtoli.On 19 th November, 2018 Chayatal Bidyapith (Campus-3) has been started for the children of the laborers working in the brick kiln at Baghoir in the southern Keraniganj area,Dhaka.

What we currently do (in short): 

* Operate 3 schools in our own syllabus.

*Arrange medical camps to provide first aid to the children and their family members.

* Give kids school dresses, bags and shoes at the beginning of the year.

*In addition to education activities, children’s religion education and cultural practices are conducted.

* Maintain the nutrition of children by collecting rest of the food from community center.

* Give new clothes to the children in the festival.

Hopefully, in the future, 

We will provide training to all these children to make them self reliance by the help of all the people of our society.

We think We will be able to do something for these ill-fated children to make them well Educated.

Our main Aim is to make them self reliant with providing training.

Our happy face


Sponsor a Child

Equip children for a smarter future!

Sponsor a underserved community child with BDT 1000 per month can help them to change their future . You may come forward and help us to build a better Bangladesh!