We do not want a single child to grow up in the streets.

we provide free and quality education to the deprived children.
now, we are running 3 primary achool for them.

The activities that we are undertaking are as follows-


For the underprivileged children we have are running 3 schools. The cost (rent, education material, food, uniform, medicine) of all the schools are borne by Chayatal organization.

Pencil & Book

We have primary healthcare to the children and their families for free.

Medical camp

It is a special project of ours. We collect the food remnants from different community halls, then freeze them to maintain their quality and then the following day we serve the children upon heating the food. Children get decent food this way.

Dance, Music & Games

Children are entertained and kept active through various activities like dance, music, games and prize distribution, etc.

Knitting training for unarmed women

We are about to embark on a few new initiatives. Among them, organizing a training on sewing for downtrodden women so that for downtrodden women so that they can learn the tailoring trade and become self-reliant.

Help & Support

It is an important project of ours. To keep the children away from begging, we are collecting from different offices and household old newspapers and by converting them to packets and ‘thongs’ and selling them into the market, we distribute back the money/sales proceeds to the children for their fair work effort as a gift to them.


Sponsor a Child

Equip children for a smarter future!

Sponsor a underserved community child with BDT 1000 per month can help them to change their future . You may come forward and help us to build a better Bangladesh!